60 Years of friendship between Nepal and Israel

On the auspicious occasion of years of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Israel, the Nepali embassy in collaboration with Israeli Institute Mamanet on th / Saturday evening organised a friendly Mamanet-Cachiboll sports competition between Nepali and Israeli team in Tikpa, on the occasion of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Israel. Thank you to the Rajymbassy family for providing a golden opportunity to participate in the game.

Also I want to thank Neetu Khatiwada sisters for giving me the information of the game and encouraging me to participate Neetu Khatiwada
May the relationship between Israel and Nepal be deeper

In the competition, twisted team Nepali and twisted Israeli team participated. Despite the short practice of times, we think we have played a good game from all Nepalese teams In the coming days, such friendly games for the sisters, this game has enhanced self-strength and courage to participate.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our Nepali Team Coach Danenberg Anne and the entire Mamanet family on behalf of our players. Thank you 🙏

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