Mamanet League Central International Crown Tournament in Jerusalem

About 450 Participants from About 40 Teams, Teams are Coming from Israel and from Around the World.

Event Plant for Crown Tournament - February 6-8,2019

Tournament Goals:

  1. *International* sportive activity that will take place annually in Jerusalem, in collaboration with the City of Jerusalem, the government ministries: Foreign Affairs/Tourism/Diaspora/Jerusalem Affairs.
  2. Connecting international players to the Israeli roots and connecting with the capital city, Jerusalem, in the framework of which they will get to know the different communities in all of the sectors that live in Israel and in Jerusalem.
  3. A demonstration game with female diplomats and the wives of diplomats, and employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. Every Mother Can - Mamanet Gold for women over the age of 65, demonstration games, and a tournament.
  5. Community Contribution: Exposure of social projects - collaboration of teams in the community that Mamanet supports and integrates into the community - at-risk teenage girls, battered women shelters, special needs, and more.
  6. Mamanet Academy will give workshops for training, professional refreshers, training camps, and expedited courses for referees, coaches, league coordinators, and scorers.

Organized trips, fun, gifts, and surprises, and especially to play the game that we all love!

Das Internationale Mamanet Turnier „goldene Krone“. (German invitation)

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