An amazing recognition to Mamanet

Today (29/5/2019) in City Council I recognized Mamanet, a global social sports network for mothers.

Mamanet was founded in Israel by Ofra Abramovich Mamanet, who wanted to help build a healthy social community for mothers like herself. What makes this program special is that it allows mothers to play organized sports, build meaningful connections with other mothers, and improve overall health. Over the last 14 years, Mamanet has connected mothers across the globe in countries such as the U.S., Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Austria.
As Mamanet prepares to host its largest tournament in North America, it was special thanking them for building bridges between mothers across the Valley. In the past two years I have seen this group grow to include 17 teams with over 250 players. I hope Mamanet continues to grow across LA as it fosters connections between mothers of all ages, religions and social backgrounds.

  • Office: +972 3-637-3437