Mamanet Academy

Mamanet is the fastest spreading sports in Israel ! As a result Professional sports Managers are needed, Mamanet responded to this need by establishing the Mamanet Academy.

Mamanet includes all the professional sports positions:

Referee, Coach Sport coordinator. Mamanet decided to open a Mamanet Academy to be able to offer all teams referee and coaches.

Today women players have the possibility to further develop professionally by taking courses in the Mamanet Academy. Courses are recognized and participants are awarded relevant diplomas.

This allows women to work in this profession not just in Mamanet but to further develop to be part of volleyball professional teams.

Childrens are offered to be registrar of the games, it is another way to introduce kids to sports and to build the based for the children to practice sports in their adulthood.

  • Office: +972 3-637-3437