Mamanet & the Community in Israel

During the last decade, Mamanet has successfully leveraged projects from within mamanet and has contributed to the initiative spirit and the community in Israel.

It is important to note that 100% of the community projects are ideas provided by the mothers:

Mamanet and children - training youth-at-risk to be referees;
Mamanet raising Breast Cancer awareness – National tournament held once a year during the world month awareness.
Mamanet leagues in battered-women’s shelter;
Mamanet league in the only women prison in Israel.
Mamanet – assist refugees to integrate in local communities

Columbia University and Ben Gurion Universities have conducted a research on  the Impact of Mamanet on the lives of women. Two main conclusion from the survey:

  1. Women feel that Mamanet offers them the sport experience they look for
  2. Women feel that Mamanet gives them the will to improve communities and pushes them to propose community projects on a regional or national level

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