This six-day event will take place in from September 5th - 10th, 2023

Mamanet league is the largest social-sports organization that was established in Israel targeting Mothers specifically.  It was established in 2005 and has since spread to thousands of players across Israel and the world.
Mamanet invites you to a once in a lifetime experience as part of the CSIT World Sports Games (International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation) which will take place in Cervia, Italy.
This major event edition will be organized by CSIT member union AICS – Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport. This six-day event will take place in from September 5th - 10th, 2023.
In 2015, Mamanet was invited to present its activities as part of the World Sports Games in Lignano, Italy. 
At the end of the games, Mamanet was recognized by CSIT as an official sport and in 2017 the 1st Mamanet tournament took place in the World Sports Games that were held in Riga, Latvia. in 2019 the 2nd Mamanet World Sports Games that were held in Tortosa, Spain.

The host union AICS organizes for the participants a sportive, cultural and Socially unique experience. From the colorful opening ceremony with thousands of athletes who will cross the City in the parade of the delegations through the tournaments that will take place throughout the four days, there will also be sports and cultural activities and of course every evening, parties and shows. On the last day there will be a closing ceremony. 
Of course, Mamanet is organizing a few more surprises for Mamanet players, from Mamanet seminer, and other activities such as Beach Games. The Mamanet Games will be held in the coastal town of Cervia. 
The hotel of the players is a four-star hotel located a minute walk from the beach, so everything is accessible and within walking distance.

Venue: Cervia, Italy

Date: September 5th - 10th, 2023

  • 5/9/23 - Check in, 5:00 P.M Technical Meeting
  • 6/10/23 - Mamanet tournament (morning), opening Ceremony
  • 7/10/23 - Mamanet tournament
  • 8/10/23 - Mamanet tournament and Mamanet Beach Championship
  • 9/10/23 - Mamanet tournament  (also on Saturday), closing ceremony
  • 10/10/23 - Check out

The program is subject to change.
Additional activities will be announced by the host union

Registration: On Mamanet website until June 25, 2023

Please note, registration is on a first come first serve base

Rules of the: game Mamanet official rules of the game

Official ball: Molten 4500 or 5000

GROUP A - Mothers of any age and women 30 years old and over.

COMPETITION FORMAT: Competition Formula - The tournament is comprised of four days
  • Phase 1: Pools - Day 1 and 2
  • Phase 2: Elimination and Qualification - Day 3
  • Phase 3: Finals - Day 4
  • Notes: Mamanet TC reserves the right to modify or substitute any of the times published for any reason that requires changes.

Public transportation: The organizing committee will provide a free transportation to and from the venues

Hotel: 4-star Hotel, full board
Hotel details will be announced soon

Sport Venue: 

  • Palazzetto dello Sport - Via Pinarella, 66, 48015 Cervia
  • Palestra del Golf ‏ - Viale Jelenia Gora, 2, 48015 Cervia
  • Palestra ex Ressi‏ - Via della Rimembranza, 48015 Cervia
  • Palestra Gervasi‏ - Via Caduti per la Libertà, 16, 48015 Cervia

Insurance: Each participant is responsible for obtaining Covid 19 insurance
Each participant is responsible for obtaining insurance that cover sports activities and all other risks during the games.

Arrival: On your own
Transportation to and from Bologna Airport available for 50 € per person
Mamant Israel is looking into the possibility of booking a flight to Venice at a fixed price and from there a direct bus to the hotel, more details will be published later

Anti-Doping: All participants must sign "APPENDIX 2_CSIT Anti-Doping Policy - Form"
The Consent Form need to be download during the registration, sign the form and attached it back to your registration form.

ACCREDITATION: Only official accreditation cards will ensure access to the designated venue areas
All players must bring their accreditation card to each game to use as ID Card.

Cost For players: 4-star hotel
  • Double room - 680 €
  • Single room - 760 €
Prices per person 
Excluding city tax – will pay directly at the hotel during check in.

Your payment includes:

  • 4-star hotel, full board five nights, game shirt, registration fee for the tournament, participation in Mamanet activities and events.
  • Registration cannot be completed if a player is not registered for Mamanet web site. A player who is not registered on Mamanet website will be charged an additional fee of 120€
  • The price in shekels will be determined according to the high exchange rate on the day of payment
  • Final approval for registration will be sent only once completed full payment and final approval from the tournament organizers.
  • Participants, who do not want hotel package need to pay 240 €

Cancelation policy:

  • If you cancel your registration until June 25, 2023 you will get full refunds.
  • Cancellation between 26 June 2023 and 10 July 2023 will refunds 45%
  • Last minute cancellation between 11 July 2023 and 21 July 2023 will refunds 20%
  • Any cancellation later than 22 July 2023, no refunds.

CSIT - Mamanet Technical committee:  

Mr. Ziv Sedbon

Mrs. Monica Zibellini

Mamanet Administration:

Mamanet Office - Pazit
Mrs. Sigal Amir

Don’t miss this once in a life experience.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Professional Committee Director: Mr. Ziv Sedbon ziv.mamanet@gmail.com 
Mamanet Chairwoman: Mrs. Ofra Abramovich ofraab.mamanet@gmail.com 
Mamanet C.E.O: Mrs. Sivan Shefer sivan.mamanet@gmail.com

  • Info.mamanet@gmail.com
  • Office: +972 3-637-3437