Virtual Mission to Israel - Zoom with Ofra Abramovich

Take a break for lunch to join Tal each day from Israel. She will explore Israel and have interviews to share.

September 13, Zoom with Ofra Abramovich

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This six-day event will take place in from September 5th - 10th, 2023

Mamanet league is the largest social-sports organization that was established in Israel targeting Mothers specifically.  It was established in 2005 and has since spread to thousands...

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Champions League Final Games Event

About 50 teams played in the preliminary stage in 6 different districts for the right to advance to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Out of which 16 teams want to go to the finals and win!!!

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60 Years of friendship between Nepal and Israel

On the auspicious occasion of years of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Israel, the Nepali embassy in collaboration with Israeli Institute Mamanet on th / Saturday...

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Mamanet Leagues Around The World

Mamanet Israel Nigeria Cyprus India Singapore Mexico USA - Los Angeles USA - San Diego USA - New Jersey USA - Washington DC USA - New York USA - Boston USA - Portland USA - Columbus Ohio Canada Italy Latvia Austria Switzerland - Zurich Germany London Cape Town Sydney Australia New Zealand Finland
החזירו אותם הביתה עכשיו!
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Media Coverage

Podcast with Ofra Abramovich – Founder of Mamanet | r(E)volutionary Woman Blog, 10/5/2023
Ofra Abramovich is the Founder of Mamanet – Mothers League, which is the largest women’s league and the 3rd most popular sports branch in Israel.Click here to listen to the podcast

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‭"‬אמא‭ ‬רצתה‭ ‬לעשות‭ ‬רק‭ ‬טוב‭ ‬בעולם‭"‬ | IsraeliWeek, 2/11/2022
דבריו‭ ‬של‭ ‬טום‭, ‬ בנה‭ ‬של‭ ‬ורדה‭ ‬ליפשיץ‭ ‬ז‭"‬ל‭, ‬ לזכרה‭ ‬נערך‭ ‬השבוע‭ ‬טורניר‭ ‬מיוחד‭ ‬של‭ ‬ליגת‭ "‬מאמאנט‭" ‬בהשתתפות‭ ‬ילדי‭ "‬טיול‭ ‬החלומות‭" ‬של‭ ‬גדולים‭ ‬מהחיים‭ ‬•‭ ‬בטורניר‭ ‬השתתפו‭ ‬11‭ ‬קבוצות‭, ‬ כולל‭ ‬שתי‭ ‬קבוצות‭ ‬חדשות‭ ‬שהגיעו‭ ‬מסן‭ ‬דייגו‭ ‬•‭ ‬נשים‭ ‬בפעולה‭ ‬

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Every Mother Can!イスラエル発祥のスポーツ「お母さんリーグ・ママネット」 | israeru, 13/6/2022

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Every Mother Can! Israeli-origin sports "Mom League Mamanet" | israeru, 13/6/2022
Speaking of Israeli women, they also serve in the military, have and raise many children, run companies and develop technologies. When you hear this story, Israeli society is kind to women, gender equality is thorough, and it sounds like being a woman in Israel is sparkling. Is that really the case?

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מאמאנט לוס אנג'לס: ממשיכות לפרוץ גבולות | IsraeliWeek, 1/6/2022
ליגת הנשים הישראלית סוגרת עונה חמישית מוצלחת ומביטה אל מעבר לקהילה הישראלית בלוס אנג׳לס: כבר השנה מספר השחקניות הלא ישראליות גדל וימשיך לגדול גם בעונה הבאה * סיכום העונה ומבט לעתיד 

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